About Us




Philippine Primark Properties Inc. "Primark Center" is the Biggest Developer of Town Centers and Public Markets nationwide. Primark is focused in providing commercial spaces for local establishments, popular tenants, kiosks and vendors from the emerging cities. 

Primark means ‘primary market’. By the name itself, it offers the buying public a shopping place that shall serve to cater for their basic daily needs.
Primark prides itself as the choice for the micro, small and medium enterprises to promote and grow their businesses. It's a community mall, everything you need is within reach. We aim to provide shopping convenience and great customer service. Expect to find the best supermarket, bank, fast-food outlet, drugstore, dry good retailers, food operators, service shops and a whole array of micro-retail stalls. 

Vision Mission Values

 To create well-designed and strategically located Community Malls and Public Markets for the communities. 

To provide shopping convenience, customer service, excellence, and accessibility for the community.


High-Performance Organization
Operational Excellence
Speed to Market
Good Looking Town Centers and Public Markets
Value-Added & Profitable Partnerships