Fun and Exciting Indoor Playground at Kids Paradise

June 11, 2019

Kids Paradise is an indoor playground that is both educational and fun, young kids can while away the time on their kiddie obstacles, ball pits, slides, and inflatables. They also have an area for role-playing where kids can pretend to be a restaurant staff, baker, and more. Each branch offers a variety of activities depending on the floor area, so expect hours of fun for your child.

For customers’ convenience and safety, all customers should observe the following rules and regulations within the premises all time.

  1. All children should be accompanied by a guardian, who should be (18) years old and above.
  2. The guardian is responsible for their child’s behavior at all times.
  3. The guardian must see to it that their child is following KIDS PARADISE RULES AND REGULATIONS.
  4. No running inside the play area, to avoid accident or injury.
  5. Guardians should take necessary actions if their kids are behaving inappropriately that could lead to other children’s injury.
  6. Please remove sharp hair accessories before entering our playground to prevent damages or injuries
  7. Any loss or damage to the locker or locker keys shall be charged to customer. Lockers are free of charge.
  8. If you need temporarily leave the premises, please be advised for the re-entry procedures.
  9. Please follow instructions and notices from our staff.
  10. Children above twelve (12) years old are not allowed to enter the play area.
  11. For our customer’s safety, the management may disallow entry of children who appear to be ill.
  12. Please refrain from actions that could disturb other customers, such as too loud conversations, sleeping inside the premises, etc.
  13. No food and drinks allowed inside the premises.
  14. Please keep the premises clean. No spitting and littering inside the premises. These are trash cans provided inside the playground if necessary, please use the mall’s restroom.
  15. Please return the toys in their proper places after playing. Play with our toys and other equipment within our playground only.
  16. For customers who refuse to follow rules that may affect safety of the store, might be asked to leave the premises.
  17. Children and adults must wear socks while inside the play area. All footwear must be deposited at the shoe rack before playing.
  18. Children less 3 years old must be supervised by own guardian within the play area.
  19. Bags and other personal belongings are not allowed inside the play area. The management will not be liable for any losses or damages.

For the price, Kids Paradise price starts at 75.00 pesos for 30 minutes, 100.00 pesos for one hour and 200.00 pesos for unlimited.

Parents, so what are you waiting for, if you cannot plan what activities and out of town trips to do with your kids, indoor playgrounds can be your best option. For an hour or two, your kids can play to their heart's content and use all their energy by playing at Kids Paradise at Primark Town Center.