Savemore Market opened at Primark Town Center Rosario

Primark Town Center, the most widely-spread neighbourhood center in the Philippines continues to expand with the development of Rosario’s old public market into a modern market place now called, “Rosario Public Market” beside Primark Town Center mall. This is made possible by the public-private partnership of the municipality of Rosario with Philippine Primark Properties, Incorporated. With its vision to cater the immediate and basic needs of its customers, Primark - Rosario announces the opening of Savemore – one of the growing supermarket chains of SM, on October 5, 2018 together with other tenants: McDonald’s, Memo Express, Julie’s Bakeshop, Nail Solutions Inc., E-Bingo, and LBC to name a few. Being in its pre-opening phase, Primark - Rosario continues to accelerate its efforts in promoting the lease of the commercial spaces to provide convenience and best possible shopping experience closer to its customers.