Support Local Brands this Independence Day

In celebration of Independence Day, we proudly highlight our local brands, our pride and honor. It’s the best time to celebrate the homegrown products!
Primark prides itself as the choice of our local brands to promote and grow their businesses. Shoppers take a bite, take a snap and be proud with our locally produced brands.


Pan de Manila have a wide range of breads, from the most basic all-time favorite Filipino Pandesal, to other flavored and speciality breads. They also have a house-brand palamans contain natural ingredients. #PrimarkTownCenterSupportLocal

Yema Spread
Pan de Manila’s Salted Yema Spread is a yema-lovers’ dream come true. Its rich fusion of condensed milk and egg yolk with a hint of saltiness will bring your pandesal experience to another level. We hope you’ve tried this certified bestseller from Pan de Manila
Peanut Butter
Pan de Manila Peanut Butter is made from pure 100% ground fresh peanuts with NO preservatives and NO extenders. With the right kind of sweetness and taste. Available in 2 variants: creamy and crunchy.
The classic tuyo of Pan De Manila is savory and not too salty. That makes it the perfect match to your garlic fried rice or champorado. No doubt, it’s one of your delicious options this meat-free Sardines
If you prefer a savory yet tangy filling to your bread or want an alternative to the bottle options in the supermarket, Pan de Manila sells its own mild and spicy sardines.  The tomato sauce flavor is recommended for anyone after a tangier taste, while the olive oil version mixes well with rice or could be a helpful ingredient to pasta.
Pan de coco which means “coconut bread” in Spanish is a popular bread in the country. Here in Pan de Manila, they made it a soft swirled bread with sweetened grated coconut filling. Serve it as a dessert or a snack together with a cup of Cafe


Joedy's Pasalubong Center offer the best and affordable filipino delicacies at Primark Caibaan. #PrimarkTownCenterSupportLocal

Roscas is almost similar to a fortune cookie, this delicacy came from Barugo, Leyte. It is made of flour, sugar, eggs, anis and lard. These cookies have a different taste because of the “Anis” that is added to the ingredients and milk used is from carabao’s milk
Otap  is an oval-shaped puff pastry cookie from the Philippines, especially common in Cebu where it originated. It usually consists of a combination of flour, shortening, coconut, and sugar. It is similar to the French palmier cookies, but compared to the French cookies, are not so much heart-shaped and more tightly layered and thinner, making it crispier. In order to achieve the texture of the pastry, it must undergo an eleven-stage baking process.
Hopia de Pili takes a different approach and is not really a hopia but more of an Empanada. It was called hopia because of the impression that hopia is something filled with bean paste. It is said that Hopia de Pili is a traditional recipe of Calbiga, Samar.
Corioso or butter cookies is a crunchy pastry made from flour, eggs, lard, milk, sugar, butter, and baking powder. These crispy confections are actually moist when you sink your teeth into it. That's probably because of the butter. Nonetheless it's good for a morning, afternoon, and/or midnight snack.


Pan De Manila
Joedy's Pasalubong