Town Center Sogod - Southern Leyte

Town Center Sogod - Southern Leyte

TC Sogod is designed and planned around the local communities it serves.  TCs are sustainably constructed and managed thoughtfully to create opportunities, encourage entrepreneurial spirit and nurture economic growth.

A community’s commerce, trade and local social fabric are carefully considered by LKY’s team of planners and engineers in order to implement a more natural and open community approach to the development.   

The TC design considers the building facade volume and depth to compliment with the community while uplifting aesthetically its surroundings through dynamic play of surfaces. The open balconies and architectural protruding shoulders of the structure acts as an identity graphic and functional canopy creating shade and lowering energy consumption.  The facade’s floating center canopy establishes the center’s signage  and frames the main entrance. It also introduces a clerestory for natural light and ventilation. 

The building’s earth tone colors combined with the shape and silhouette form give a soft welcoming impression of a light and vibrant home of local entrepreneurs, retailers, services providers. Covered arcade walkways offer protection from natural elements like sun and rain. 

Apart from the architectural and engineering design solutions, LKY’s Town Centers focuses on providing a conducive environment for commerce and community development for the current and future generations.

Mall Hours :

Monday to Sunday
8:00 am to 7:00 pm


DCell City 
Sam's everything on Stick
Eye Aces Optical 
F & S
Access Office System
Cellshoppa & Accessories
Star Frappe
Andrea's Pizza
Milktea Central


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Osmeña St. Brgy. Zone 3, Sogod, Southern Leyte.
SMART: 09190860612 / 09190860593